Safely transport clean and dirty endoscopes


The EndoCarrier Transport System allows physicians and staff to safely transport clean and dirty endoscopes to and from the office for patient exams. When an off-site exam is required a properly disinfected scope is placed in a new clamshell and then slid into the carrying tube for safe transport to an exam.

After the exam the dirty endoscope is then placed back in the clamshell and into the carrying tube, a “dirty” tag is tied to the tube strap indicating disinfection is required.  The endoscope is returned to the office for proper cleaning and disinfection. Then dispose of the single use clamshell.


Endoscope protection – Safely transport an endoscope in the form fitted clamshell, eliminating potential damage to the insertion shaft

Eliminate exposure – Clamshell provides a protective, disposable barrier from contaminants from a dirty endoscope

Easy of use – Single-use clamshell design

Compatibility – Designed to accommodate the majority of available nasopharyngoscopes without an integrated light cable

Freedom to move – Shoulder strap offers freedom to carry around from location to location

EndoCarrier Starter Package Includes:

• EndoCarrier with Shoulder Strap
• (10) Sets of Single Use Clamshells
• (10) Dirty Scope Tags

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