EndoMersion – Complete Endoscope Immersion System

Convenient staff access. Patient safety.

The new EndoMersion allows for a complete immersion of our ENTityXL / ENTity SDXL and ENT 3.6FP endoscopes.

FEATURES & BENEFITSendomersion-xl-full

Complete immersion – Submerge the entire endoscope for HLD disinfection.

Upright wall mount – Enables convenient staff access while vertical position keeps delicate optical insertion shaft in ideal position for protection and storage.

Unique lifter lid – Provides endoscope security for safe handling and minimal staff exposure to disinfectant solutions.

Transparent dual chambers – Allows instant inspection and economical 1½ quart solution volume.

Compatibility – Designed to accommodate the majority of available nasopharyngoscopes without an integrated light cable.