ENT Endoscopes & Accessories

ENTity™ Flexible Endoscopy Systems

Optim designs, manufactures, and markets the innovative ENTity™ series of endoscopic products for diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, and throat (“ENT”) disorders.

With powerful innovation and proven performance, the ENTity line of flexible nasopharyngoscopes are designed to empower ENT clinicians with the visibility & mobility they need.

Experience the ENTity™ Difference

All in one design

No cables, no light boxes, no attachments required

Simple portability

Go room-to-room or building-to-building with ease

Superior brightness and image clarity

Long lasting LED powered clinical visualization

Enhanced Durability

Backed by the industry’s ONLY  Two Year Warranty

ENTity™ Accessories

Options and expansion kits for endoscopy

ENTity VL Transport Cart

Transport Cart

Sturdy, mobile transport


‐ 1200mm Height
‐ 2 Shelves
‐ Imaging Capture Suite Display VESA Mount
‐ 4 casters for stability
‐ Cable compartment

ENTity VL Keyboard

Keyboard & Mouse

Disinfectable for Medical and Clinical Environments

The premium sealed keyboard and mouse are designed for used in medical applications, the bodies are sealed silicone allowing for full immersion in disinfectants.

ENTity™ XL & SDXL Reprocessing Accessories

Safely transport, clean, disinfect, and store ENTity Flexible Nasopharyngoscopes

The EndoCarrier Transport System allows physicians and staff to safely transport endoscopes to and from the office for patient exams.

The EndoCarrier offers endoscope protection, freedom of movement from office to office, or clinic to reprocessing room.

The EndoCaddy Storage System for ENTity flexible nasopharyngoscopes offers a simple approach to between use protection and storage of endoscopes.

Optim Leak Tester

For maintaining and ensuring the ENTity flexible nasopharyngoscope is airtight and ready for reprocessing.

Optim Vent Cap

For use in depressurizing the ENTity endoscope for shipment, gas sterilization, or gas plasma sterilization.

Optim offers qualified, documented in-servicing and training on complete reprocessing protocols. Contact Optim Customer Service to request additional information or to schedule a training session for staff.