Portable LED Light Source for ENT Endoscopes

Optim Portable LED Light Source for ENT rigid and flexible scopes

Patented, powerful LED illumination providing ENT physicians with portability and brightness.

The Optim Portable LED Light Source (PLS) transforms your rigid sinuscope or flexible endoscope by delivering exceptional light intensity and quality in a compact unit.

Eliminates the burden of external light sources and cables so you can go anywhere the exam is needed.

PLS with Rigid Sinuscope

The Optim PLS advantage

High Performance Illumination

Ultra bright, LED-based illumination when you need it most. Powered by Optim’s patented Optilux technology, the unique design enables incredible brightness for the clarity needed during an exam.

Compact, Simple Design

Optim’s patented optical coupling technology focuses and shapes the light, delivering more unparalleled brightness for clinical use.  Reliable, rechargeable batteries can be easily swapped out and provide power for an entire day of exams.

PLS kit includes

PLS, 2 rechargeable li-ion batteries, battery charger cradle, power supply, operator’s manual.