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New Equipment Helps to Fight Drug Trafficking Tricks

Posted on September 20, 2011

FVKleberg news article

District Attorney John T. Hubert presented local Texas Department of Public Safety troopers with a fiber optic scope recently. Local DPS troopers were unable to attain this equipment through state channels and coordinated with local D.A. Hubert, to arrange for funding. ‘I am happy whenever I can work with law enforcement to make cases. Equipment like this can help confirm or deny the presence of evidence in hard to get to or extremely hazardous hiding places, such as gas tanks. And, at midnight on Saturday night or rush hour on summer Fridays, when these troopers are on Highway 77 crawling under cars, this equipment helps to minimize their risk and the risk to everyone else on the highway. So far this year we have found thousands of pounds of marijuana and narcotics and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in gas tanks or aftermarket compartments,’ Hubert said. The scope was paid for through the assistance of the Border Prosecutors Unit Grant. Pictured from left are Kingsville DPS trooper Danny Pena, Kleberg/Kenedy County District Attorney John T. Hubert and Kingsville DPS trooper Ryan Ballinger.