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Optim Launches Small Diameter ENTity Nasopharyngoscope

Posted on February 20, 2014

Optim LLC, a designer and manufacturer of portable endoscopic technologies, announced the launch of its new ENTity SD (Small Diameter) LED Nasopharyngoscope.

Using the same patented LED lighting technology as our current ENTity, the ENTity SD features a small 2.7mm insertion shaft and the option of a 45X eyepiece for image magnification.  The ENTity SD is designed to treat patients with narrow upper airway passages to ensure patient comfort.

“We’re pleased to bring to the small diameter ENT endoscope the unique advantages our ENTity product line- complete portability and unsurpassed light output thanks to our patented, integrated LED design” said Paul Joyce, CEO of Optim LLC.

“This next generation of our popular ENTity model is a result of the needs in the market for an endoscope that can be used to treat a broad spectrum of patients” said Giris Azize, Sales Manager