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Optim LLC Awarded Homeland Security Contract

Posted on November 4, 2014

Optim LLC, a designer and manufacturer of flexible fiberscopes and videoscopes announced that it has received an award totaling $1.25 million to supply the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Non-Intrusive Inspections Program Office with its FreedomView LED Fiberscopes.

The contraband detectors are currently being used by US Customs & Border Protection to locate hidden contraband in both vehicles and aircraft.  Fiberscopes are used routinely by US Customs & Border Protection officers in conducting vehicle inspections, allowing the user to see inside gas tanks, car vents, door panels, and concealed areas (frequently referred to as “hides”) for contraband.

The FreedomView Fiberscope’s portability allows agents to move freely, while the unit’s unmatched patented integral LED light engine, The Optilux™ permits security personnel to examine interior compartments of automobiles, trucks, tractor trailers and large and small airplanes.

“I’m very pleased that US Customs & Border Protection has taken the next step in our multi-year/multi-million dollar contract. All Optim employees take special pride in knowing the product we completely build in our Sturbridge MA headquarters is helping to ensure our nation’s borders are safe and secure.” says Paul Joyce, CEO of Optim.