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Optim LLC Launches New Mobile ENT Kit with VidCap™ USB Camera Package

Posted on November 8, 2012

Sturbridge, Massachusetts, November 8, 2012 – Optim LLC, a designer and manufacturer of portable endoscopic technologies announced the launch of its new Mobile ENT Kit with VidCap USB Camera Package.  These new kits were designed for ENT physicians that require endoscope portability.

The Mobile ENT kit incorporates Optim’s ENTity Nasopharyngoscope, Rigid Sinuscopes, Portable LED Light Source, USB Camera with Laptop, recording software and related accessories all within a compact portable case.  This new kit is ideal for emergency rooms, military medical facilities and trade missions.

“Our goal is to provide complete portability to ENT physicians, allowing them to go to their patients,” said Giris Azize, Sales Manager of Optim LLC. “There is an increasing trend in the need for ENT doctors to be able to access patients in non-office based settings.

The Mobile ENT kit also includes Optim’s newest portable product, the VidCap USB Camera.  The camera includes FDA cleared software that gives physicians the option to record, view and store images from their endoscopy procedure.  The new VidCap system shows near high definition images due to its proprietary software and portable USC CCD processor.

About Optim

Optim ( is a designer and manufacturer of specialty endoscopic technologies for the ENT, allergy and speech pathology markets. The company’s flagship product, the ENTity Nasopharyngoscope, uses the company’s patented OptiLux™ LED technology to produce the highest quality image in the industry, all within a portable scope with no external light source.