Optim Partners with MedShare to donate ENTity Endoscopes to Underprivileged Communities around the Globe

Optim LLC, a premier manufacturer of proprietary flexible endoscopes for use in the visual diagnosis of Ear-Nose-and-Throat (“ENT”) disorders, announced today it has partnered with MedShare of Decatur, GA to donate the companies ENTity Nasopharyngoscopes to under-served communities around the globe. 

“The opportunity to give back to communities who do not have access to healthcare and life saving medical devices is amazing.  The ENTity itself is designed to be used where power is a constraint, as the device is powered by a rechargeable battery” stated Doug Hughes, President and CEO of Optim.

The ENTityXL is designed as an optimal system allowing clinicians to meet the growing need for effective treatment and management for patients with recurring conditions involving the nose or throat. The mobility of the XL enables procedures in hospital, office, ambulatory surgery center, or long-term care settings. The patented internal lighting system provides true portability of the ENTity XL system allowing the physician to take the technology to the patient, rather than the patient to the technology.

About MedShare:

MedShare is a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities and our planet by sourcing and directly delivering surplus medical supplies and equipment to those in need around the world. MedShare has delivered over $220 million in medical aid to communities in 103 countries.

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