ENTity Small Diameter SDXL Portable Nasopharyngoscope Launched for Small Noses during World Allergy Week

Optim LLC, a US-based designer and manufacturer of flexible endoscopes, is releasing the ENTity SDXL LED Nasopharyngoscope for small noses in conjunction with World Allergy Week 2015 (April 13-19).  April is one of the most acute allergy seasons for adults and children with flowers and grass blooming.   Optim developed the SDXL small diameter (2.7MM) scope to be tolerated more easily by patients suffering from acute sinusitis or hoarseness.

Optim’s patented LED technology provides unmatched light output which provides the ENT or Allergist outstanding visualization.    The internal light engine eliminates cables to the scope, allowing the physician mobility to diagnose patients in the office or anywhere in the hospital.  The absence of cords also prevents small patients from coming in contact with light cords during examination.

The SDXL extends Optim’s product family of XL scopes which were designed for extended life in a variety of high level disinfectant solutions.  The rigorously tested XL and SDXL scopes have an industry first 2 Year Standard Warranty.

The SDXL scopes will officially launch at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting April 22, 2015 in Boston, MA.