FreedomView LED Videoscope (FVVS)

Search and Seizure of Contraband Just Became Safer!

With the FreedomView LED Videoscope (FVVS) law enforcement officers can safely perform visual inspections of vehicles and other areas where contraband may be hidden. Maintain eye contact with individuals and your surroundings while performing searches. Video and still pictures are available with the simple push of a button!

FreedomView Videoscope for Secure Contraband Detection

In addition, the FVVS has passed Optim’s own fuel compatibility testing for safe, direct use in fuel tanks. No videoscope available in the market today has a more advanced fuel compatibility certification than the FVVS.

Optim is confident the FVVS will build upon the outstanding reputation our FreedomView Fiberscope has earned over the years with security personnel around the world.

Applications include

  • Gas Tank Inspections
  • Vehicle Searches
  • VIN Searches
  • Drug Interdiction
  • IED Bomb Detection
  • Incoming cargo inspection
  • Coast Guard / Maritime Drug Interdiction
  • Forensic Evidence Collection
  • Covert Operations
  • Search for illegal passengers in vessels or vehicles
Images taken while using the FVVS during Gas Tank Inspections

(Double click on videos for full screen viewing)


Safety – Conduct safe vehicle inspections including gas tanks

Superior lighting—Patented OptiLuxTM LED lighting focuses and shapes the light, delivering more brightness where it counts: at the end of the scope

Documentation – Seizures can be recorded and used for legal proceedings

Greater mobility—Lightweight (appox. 2 lbs) ergo-dynamic handle design, the perfect “grab and go” with rechargeable batteries providing power for an entire day of inspections

Easy to use—Intuitive touchscreen, single-hand operation

Lower cost of ownership—Inspections performed quickly and safely

Rugged and reliable—Tungsten braid insertion shaft, long lasting battery offers 6 hours of use