ENT Endoscope Storage Options

ENT Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Optim’s new wall mounted ENT endoscope Storage / Drying Cabinet allows for ENT scopes to be vertically hung and dried in a safe, efficient environment. The storage cabinet is specifically designed for ENT scopes as well as other smaller scopes. Each ENT scope drying rack can hold up to 6 scopes.

Storage Cabinet Brochure
Storage Cabinet

Features & Benefits:

  • Stores up to 6 ENT endoscopes
  • Customizable endoscope holders to fit most common endoscope brands in the market
  • Ideal for endoscopes without integral light guide cable or removable video/light processor cord
  • Glass paneled doors for easy viewing of inventory
  • Industry best 12-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Cabinet dimensions: 30”H x 24”W x 12”D
  • Cabinet weight: 60 lbs.

Optional Features Include:

  • HEPA Filtered Positive Pressure – With two high volume, HEPA filtered intake fans, in conjunction with one exhaust fan, creates positive pressure airflow throughout the cabinet.
    • Set the drying time with the adjustable timer
    • Change HEPA filters without opening cabinet, save time and ensure no cycle interruptions
  • LED-UV disinfection strip as an additional sterilization option


Patient and staff safety is critical. With the complete immersion system for your endoscope, High Level Disinfection is made easier with full soaking of the equipment. Ensuring the device is cleaned from distal tip to eyepiece when following HLD manufacturer’s recommendations for reprocessing. The EndoMersion quickly mounts to any vertical surface, making access to the equipment easy.

EndoMersion Brochure

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully Immerse Endoscope – Completely submerge the entire endoscope for HLD processing for patient and staff safety
  • Vertical Wall Mount – Convenient staff access while vertical position keeps optical insertion shaft in ideal position for protection and storage
  • Unique Design – Endoscope lifter with lid provides endoscope security for safe handling and minimal staff exposure to disinfectant solutions
  • Ease Of Use – Transparent chambers allow for instant inspection and economical 1½ quart solution volume

ENTity EndoCarrier Transport System

Safe, simple transport for ENTity flexible endoscopes. The EndoCarrier Transport System allows physicians and staff to safely transport endoscopes to and from the office for patient exams. The EndoCarrier offers endoscope protection, freedom of movement from office to office, or clinic to reprocessing room.

ENTity EndoCaddy® Storage Systems

Wall-mounted endoscope storage for easy access when needed. The EndoCaddy Storage System for flexible nasopharyngoscopes offers a simple approach to between use protection and storage of endoscopes.