Optim Awarded Five Year FSS Contract Agreement for Unique Endoscopy Devices

Optim LLC, a premier manufacturer of proprietary flexible endoscopes for use in the visual diagnosis of Ear-Nose-and-Throat (“ENT”) disorders, announced today it was awarded a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract.   The contract period is from March 2017 through March of 2022. The FSS contract enables access to the company’s endoscopy technology for all federal healthcare facilities, including the Veterans Administration (VA), Indian Health Service, and Department of Defense facilities.

“We’re excited to bring the value of Optim’s products to those purchasing endoscopic equipment off the Federal Supply Schedule,” stated Paul Joyce, President and CEO of Optim. “The unique features of our ENTity endoscopes will benefit ENT practitioners in the VA system and other government health care facilities. Our patented, fully integrated design provides physicians the freedom to treat patients more efficiently without being hindered by cables, light boxes or light posts.”

The FSS contract covers the ENTity Series of flexible laryngoscopes and the ENTity based MobileFEES systems utilized to diagnose and manage swallowing disorders. The ENTity Series features the company’s proprietary integrated illumination system, enabling practitioners a high powered fiberoptic imaging device that can be easily utilized in nearly any health care setting without ancillary equipment common to other diagnostic endoscopy systems.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) enables the U.S. government to provide products and technology to its facilities that enhance services at the best value. Under the authority of GSA, the VA supports contracts for medical equipment on the FSS.  In addition to the new ENTity-based contract, Optim has an ongoing GSA agreement since 2002 to provide the FreedomView® lines of borescopes to US Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies. For more about the GSA and the VA, visit www.gsa.gov / www.fss.va.gov.