Optim returns from another successful AAO-HNSF Meeting!


As 2015 passes so does the annual AAO-HNSF Meeting. The Optim sales team was in Dallas, TX from September 27th through the 30th to share our medical product line with current and prospective customers.

The ENTityXL (3.6mm diameter) and ENTitySDXL (2.7mm diameter) were the key products on display at the meeting. Customers responded favorably to these products and their unique portable design, superior lighting and enhanced compatibility with the most aggressive disinfection methods. These silver-colored Nasopharyngoscopes have power and lighting integrated into the product, eliminating all cables or external light sources. They are the most durable scopes on the market today, carrying the industry’s only 2 year warranty.

The AAO-HNSF is a great opportunity for physicians to see and feel our ENTityXL line.   When they hold the ENTityXL and turn on the light they are amazed at its portability and tremendous light output.   Our marketing effort at the show was even more advanced than in past years, with an eye-catching marketing video, even more inviting booth layout, and a dedicated section for the sale of products from the booth.

We thank all that took the time to stop by our booth. We made many new customer contacts and look forward to even more successful meetings in the future!

AAO Pic 1