VidCap USB Video Camera System

User-friendly video solution for diagnostic use

The VidCap USB Camera system makes recording video with our ENTityXL / SDXL and ENT 3.6 flexible nasopharyngoscopes easy and convenient. Simply attach it the scope, plug the camera into the USB2 port on your PC or laptop and you are ready to go. It adds a new dimension of functionality to VidCap Laptop ENTityXLyour nasopharyngoscope, aiding diagnosis by colleagues.


Easy to use—All-in-one, plug-and-play design is easy and intuitive to use.

Advanced capabilities—Anti-moire filter for flexible applications; automatic video settings for white balance.

Simple software control—Included imaging software provides a variety of tools for controlling camera functions, including still frame or video captures, reports, zoom, drawing and text editing, and export controls.

Clinical annotation—Add notations to video images and incorporate them into the patient record.