HD VidCap USB Camera for ENT Endoscopy

Optim HD VidCap Camera for ENT Endoscopy

The add-on VidCap USB Camera System makes recording video and taking still images easy and convenient. Simply couple to your flexible or rigid endoscope, plug the camera into the USB port on your PC or laptop and you are ready to go. It adds a new dimension of functionality to your endoscope, aiding in diagnosis by colleagues.

The easy to use, reliable and efficient CaptureITPro patient management software includes patient database for visit comparison, image annotation, report creation for easy sharing and audio and video recording.

HDVidCap USB Plug and Play Camera Advantages:

Easy to use

USB Plug and Play design, intuitive design compatible with any qualified Windows-based computer, automatic anti-moire filter, video settings, and white balance


Compatible with flexible and rigid endoscopes

Patient and Office Safety

Allows for separation between you and the patient during exam


Camera and coupler are fully immersible in Cidex OPA

CaptureITPro Image Capture Software Advantages:

User Friendly HIPPA Compliant Software

Intuitive user friendly software that includes a variety of tools for documenting and reviewing patient exams

Custom Report Creation

Create custom reports with facility information, share images and exam findings via email

Live Procedure Streaming

Stream procedure live with off-site facilities for additional physician diagnosis.

EMR Connectivity

Send endoscopic multimedia with 1-click