ENTity™ XL | SDXL Flexible Nasopharyngoscopes

Optim designs, manufactures, and markets the innovative ENTity™ series of endoscopic products for diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, and throat (“ENT”) disorders. The ENTity products are designed to empower clinicians with the high quality of diagnostic visibility and freedom of movement they need in today’s demanding health care environment.

The ENTity XL and ENTity SDXL flexible nasopharyngoscopes feature the OptiLux patented illumination system provided unmatched lighting to end of the scope, where it counts.

The only ENT Endoscope in the market with a 2-year Warranty!

The ENTity™ Difference

All-in-one uniquely integrated design

No cables, no light boxes, no attachments required.

Unparalleled Portability

Go room-to-room or building-to-building with ease.

Superior Brightness & Image Clarity

Long lasting LED powered clinical visualization. The ENTity Series of endoscopes feature Optim’s patented OptiLux LED illumination system, which enhances overall brightness.

Two Size Options

The ENTity XL flexible nasopharyngoscope is a standard 3.6mm for traditional anatomy patients. The ENTity SDXL features a slim, small 2.7mm diameter for patients with smaller or more difficult anatomy.

Enhanced Durability

Backed by the industry’s ONLY  Two Year Warranty on flexible endoscopes, the ENTity series is designed to be durable and reliable.

Simplicity in endoscope reprocessing

Due to the unique ENTity design, the XL and SDXL feature a simplified reprocessing focus – no cables, detachable components, or external portable light sources to reprocess to ensure a patient safe device – just the endoscope. Contact Customer Support for complete reprocessing information.