Medical Endoscope Products

Our vision: Improve the quality of care


Optim designs and manufactures innovative endoscopic products designed to improve quality of care. Our compact, articulating fiber optic endoscopes with integrated LED lighting enable clinicians to bring precision optical capabilities to the point of care, wherever it’s most convenient.

All Optim medical products are FDA cleared, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 compliant, and produced in our Sturbridge, Massachusetts, facility to ensure adherence to stringent quality requirements and responsive service and support.

Medical Products:

Flexible Endoscopes

Sleep Endoscopy

MobileFEES System


Rigid Sinuscopes

Rigid Sinuscope & PLS Bundle

Portable LED Light Source

VidCap USB Camera System


“Our physicians prefer the ENTity NasoView Nasopharyngoscope because the light is very bright and sharp, and because of the rechargeable batteries. I like working with Optim because you are always so helpful and responsive.”

– Aurora Boisvert, Medical Assistant, Naugatuck Valley ENT