FreedomView LED Fiberscope (FV)

Less intrusive searches. More asset seizures.

One handed operation

The compact, handheld FreedomView LED Fiberscope transforms law enforcement search techniques, maximizing your contraband seizure potential with the least intrusive method. Our patented, integrated LED light source eliminates cumbersome external light sources while providing exceptional visibility and flexibility. The FreedomView LED Fiberscope puts the most challenging seizures within your reach, in seconds.


Greater freedom

Compact scope is easy to carry and use, with simple, one-hand operation. Yet its bright LED light source and precision optics let you see clearly inside just about any concealed space—gas tanks, dashboards, heating ducts, walls, or behind closed doors—to probe suspect areas quickly, easily and safely.

High return on investment

By improving the effectiveness of roadside and premise searches, FreedomView LED Fiberscope has helped departments increase their seizure rate dramatically.

Reduce search time and risk

By significantly reducing the time required to search inaccessible spaces, the FreedomView LED Fiberscope enables officers to cover more area with the least intrusive method—helps minimize inconvenience and public complaints.

Fit for duty

Constructed in the USA of precision-machined aluminum, the FreedomView LED Fiberscope is built for rugged duty and the rigors of remote searching. Rechargeable batteries provide power for an entire shift.

The FreedomView is available on the GSA Schedule