ENT 3.6FP Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

ENT 3.6FP Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

Precision endoscopy with provide performance.

Optim’s ENT 3.6FP series Flexible Nasopharyngoscope offers high-resolution image quality by virtue of their superior optics, illumination and wide field of view, packaged in a lightweight, sleek design that is easy and convenient to use. Ideal for a variety of minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical applications. The ENT 3.6FP is available to meet your clinical needs.

The ENT 3.6FP Advantage

  • 3.6 mm diameter insertion tube for enhanced patient comfort
  • High articulation range for increased maneuverability
  • Superior optics and illumination for accurate, consistent imaging
  • High-resolution fiberoptic image with a wide field of view
  • Lightweight, sleek, ergonomic design
  • Fully immersible, leak testable and video compatible

ENT 3.6FP with Portable LED Light Source

The ENT 3.6FP detachable light guide connection gives the physician options for connecting to a light source. The Optim ENT 3.6FP is compatible with the Optim Portable LED Light Source. This portable solution eliminates the need for external light sources and lamp replacement and allows for the freedom to move from room to room.